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Beginner Horse Riding Lessons: What You Can Expect

beginner horse riding lessons

Please note, for the well being of our horses we have strict weight limit of 180lbs.

If you’re thinking about taking horse riding lessons or have decided to do so, you’re in for a real treat. Whether you have serious equestrian related ambitions, simply want to try something new, or just love horses, taking lessons is a fun and healthy activity and will ensure you get off on the right hoof…er…foot.

Starting Out

Just like with any sport, you have to learn the fundamentals of horses and riding before you can move on. When you start with beginner riding lessons, you can expect to come out with a basic understanding of the animals and the sport. While horses and riding is a ton of fun, there are things you should know that are important for your safety, the horse’s safety, and the safety of others riding with you.

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Clothes and Equipment:

Do I need to wear or bring anything?

Other than the horse, the equipment you’ll use when riding is one of the most important aspects of riding. Of course, the horse isn’t the only one who has to wear the proper equipment; you, as the rider, need to make sure that you show up to your first lesson with the right equipment. While some lesson facilities may have different requirements, in general riders need to have:

  • An approved riding helmet
  • Boots with at least a one inch heel
  • Pants that are comfortable for riding
Click on the following links to learn about What to Wear and Other Riding Gear

What does the horse wear?

Before actually getting on the horse, you’ll need to know what the horse is wearing and why. The equipment that the horse wears is called the “tack.” While a horse’s tack will depend on the specific horse’s needs, in general a horse’s tack will consist of:

  • A bridle that will be on the horse’s head
  • A saddle on the horse’s back
  • A saddle pad underneath the saddle to protect the horse’s back.

What Will I Learn in My Lessons?

The skills you will learn with beginner horse riding lessons are the fundamentals of the sport. Whether you continue with your riding or stop at this level, the skills you learn are vital.

  • Mounting: In order to ride a horse, you have to know how to get on a horse. Your instructor will show and teach you the correct and safe way to mount and dismount a horse.
  • Balance and Control: Once you’re on the horse, the next skill you’ll learn has to do with balance and control of your body. In order to ride and be one with the horse, you have to develop your seat and center of balance. One of the most important parts of developing your balance and harmony with the horse is learning how to “post.” Posting is the motion that allows you to get off of the horse’s back and move in harmony with him while he’s trotting.
  • Stopping and Steering: Once you’ve developed your balance, you’ll then be taught to stop and steer the horse. Stopping and steering are essentials to correct and safe riding.
  • The Aids: Once you’ve developed your seat and have learned to stop and steer, you’ll learn how to ask the horse to walk, trot, canter, and halt.

I Don’t Understand What They Are Saying!

Sometimes riders seem to be speaking in a language of their own. Don’t feel left out of the conversation and learn the basic terms so you can follow your teacher’s instructions.

Beginner riding lessons can be considered the “gateway” to riding and consist of the skills that will be the foundation for any rider’s riding career

Pricing: 30 minute lessons $40.

1 hour lesson $60 gift cards available also!                      Lessons are to be paid the first of each month.

Call (856)472-8035 for more info                                                                                                 If you would like to schedule a lesson please go here to do so                                   

Please print, sign and bring this form with you for your lesson:

Sovereign Hill Stables LLC RIDING LESSON CONTRACT DATE________________I (Parent, Guardian, Self) __________________________________ have contracted with Sovereign Hill Stables LLC to give (riders name)____________________________________riding lessons.
Riding Lessons are to be paid at the beginning of each month, minimum of 4 lessons in full prior to the start of each month via paypal check or cash.If payment is not received before the start of each month, the above mentioned rider will be dropped from riding lessons until payment is received. I understand that it is my responsibility prior to entering the lesson area to inform the riding instructor of any new medical or physical problems which may impact my safety or ability to perform correctly during my scheduled riding lesson. I understand that lesson times are planned and that I need to be on time. If I am late more than 15 minutes from my scheduled time, will shorten lesson time unless I have made prior arrangements. I further understand that even if I am late the time for the lesson will remainas scheduled. The only condition for extending my lesson time is if the riding instructor is not present at the scheduled lesson beginning time.
Cancellation of lessons: A 12 hour cancellation via text message or phone call is required otherwise I will forfeit my lesson. All approved make-up lesson scheduling will be at the discretion of the riding instructor.
I understand that proper attire must be worn for riding lessons which is to be pants, shirt, shoes/boots with at least a half inch heel (this is a requirement unless medically approved by a physician).I further understand that Sovereign Hill Stables LLC riding instructor reserves the right to discipline a rider.
Some examples of Sovereign Hill Stables LLC riding instructor reserves the right to release a rider due to unsafe situations, physical stress to the rider resulting from riding and/or any safety/medical problems that may arise. This type of release from the program will require a prorated refund be issued.
Rider’s information files will be held in confidentiality and only shared when necessary to assure the safety of a rider in the lesson or during an official incident review.
“WARNING” Under NJ Law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting exclusively from the inherent risks of equine activities. I am aware of the inherent risks of horseback riding. I further understand that I must be careful while on the property of Sovereign Hill Stables LLC and particularly while horses are being handled. Sovereign Hill Stables LLC cannot and does not assume any liability for accidents, injury, or death to person or persons. I further have reviewed and understand the content of NJ Liability Law which is posted at pasture/arena entrance gate, barn, or trail entrance. Likewise I accept full responsibility for friends and visitors accompanying myself on Sovereign Hill Stables LLC property.
.Lesson Policy Standard:A lesson is 60 minutes or 30 minutes in length and is to consist of grooming, tacking up horse mounting each rider and tack adjustments, exercises while mounted, cool down time, and dismounting. Please note we consider a lesson starting when the riders enter the barn area. The riding instructor additionally has the responsibility of safety for riders, volunteers, and horses at all times so therefore, the instructor has the right to deviate from the above lesson outline when safety is a concern.
Example: the lesson could be full time as barn management-classroom activities, grooming, tacking up, types of tack, tack cleaning, etc..General Conduct Policy For Parents, Riders, And Guests During a Sovereign Hill Stables LLC Lesson Time:Important areas used during riding Lesson•Parent/Rider waiting area is located by the gate entrance to the arena.
Arrival to lesson•If previous lesson is in progress or dismounting stay quietly go to parent/ rider waiting area.•All riders are to wait at parent/rider area until instructor comes to escort them. The only people who are to be in the arena are the instructors and riders that are getting ready to ride in current lesson.•
If you need to talk to the riding instructors about medical or physical problems which may have a safety implication for the current lesson, please do so before the mounting phase of the lesson gets started.
During lesson• While a riding lesson is in progress all parents, family members, and guests must stay outside of the arena. • No loud noises (clapping, door slamming on cars, loud talking/ laughing, calling to riders, etc.)• No umbrellas, flash cameras while horses are present.• No ball playing, tag games, or fast type movement games allowed before, during or after lesson scheduled times.After lesson• After lesson the rider will be returned to their parent, guardian or ride.Disciplinary Policy:Sovereign Hill Stables LLC disciplinary policy has been developed to ensure a safe and conducive environment for all involved in our riding program.
General Rules:• All gates and stall doors to be kept closed.• No entry into feed/hay storage areas without permission.• No climbing, sitting, or standing on stall doors, fences, or gates (this includes ring).• Smoking is prohibited.• No consumption of alcohol beverages or drugs.• You are responsible for your friends and visitors conduct and safety while on the property of Sovereign Hill Stables LLC• No running around horses or riding areas.• All trash to be disposed of in trash barrel.• No horses to be handled in or out of the stalls without supervision, if needed.• Always respect others when speaking or socializing.I the undersigned have read and understand the above contract plus all the Sovereign Hill Stables LLC policies and rules which I agree to abide by in total and I have received a copy of this contract which includes the Sovereign Hill Stables LLC policies and rules. I further understand that if any of the Sovereign Hill Stables LLC policies or rules are not followed Sovereign Hill Stables LLC has the right to cancel this contract in full without any refund of moneys remaining for this session. Attorney Fees. In any litigation, arbitration, or other proceeding by which one party either seeks toenforce its rights under this Agreement (whether in contract, tort, or both) or seeks a declaration of anyrights or obligations under this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be awarded its reasonable attorneyfees, and costs and expenses incurred.ACCEPTED BY:Signature: _______________________________Riders Name ___________________________________Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________Home Phone_______________________________Phone Parent or Guardian__________________________CELL PHONE FOR EMERGENCY_____________________

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